Pain in the chest, stomach acid rising to the throat and a sour taste in the mouth are the basic symptoms most heartburn sufferers have to deal with. It gets even worse when you lie down. Dealing with heartburn is bad enough, but put back pain or a headache in the mix then you feel absolutely miserable. If this has ever happened to you then you may feel that any health issues you have is related to heartburn.

Having heartburn and headache issues at the same time may lead one to think they are linked together. They are, but not in the way most people believe. The rise of heartburn pain may be in direct correlation to any throbbing pain in the head. It's actually the medication we take to treat headaches may in fact cause heartburn.

Most pain killers contain caffeine and caffeine is one of the biggest heartburn triggers. The sphincter separating the esophagus and stomach from each other is affected by the caffeine found in medication and it causes it not to seal properly. Acid from the stomach enters the esophagus and creates problems. Acid entering the esophagus is the biggest reason for heartburn.

People who suffer from the frequent heartburn are often told by their doctors to quit coffee in order to avoid heartburn. But, habitual coffee drinkers, who are used to drinking five or six cups a day will go through a severe withdrawal if they stop 'cold turkey.' The consequence is often a bad headache.

Coffee isn't the only reason for the pairing of heartburn and headache. Terrible heartburn will still be the end result whether it's from coffee or some other caffeine-related product. And you could get headaches from trying to quit, just like with coffee.

Just as there are side effects in pain killers that can cause heartburn, likewise there are also heartburn meds that one of the possible side effects is - you guessed it - headaches. To find the solution to end one while not causing the other can be an arduous endeavor. Changing eating habits makes great difference. Not indulging in foods that are greasy, spicy or acidic and losing a few pounds are the best ways of keeping heartburn away so you don't have to take meds for it. Doctors are becoming increasingly aware that the most popular heartburn drugs have a range of consequences and that they are hugely over-prescribed. Most people don't really need them if they have a plan of action with regards to their diet.

Heartburn is linked to eating bad foods that are a problem for a large amount of men and women Heartburn can also be a precursor for other illnesses that could be life-threatening so knowing what to look out for could be a serious matter. The same is true with headaches. Such as it is with heartburn, a headache may only be the beginning of something more serious. Make a appointment to learn the answers. Awareness of a solution is key.

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