By now I would've sworn that I was over logo patterns, but then I started seeing the Vuitton Neverfull bag everywhere.
On TV shows, on celebs (above: Kristin Davies and Heidi from The Hills) .... and they just looked so cool, casual and chic carrying it that I couldn't resist but lust after it. The amazing ad campaign they have for it this season doesn't help my case either. They make it look so versatile, perfect for a casual summer day....
.. or a fall day going to work. This above is my absolutely favourite look by the way, with her soft wind blown hair, clean barely there make-up, simple chic coat, effortlessly thrown on scarf, stylish jewelry and the bag- it is just perfect! And it doesn't appear like too hard to imitate either. All one needs is the Neverfull bag to spice up a standard chic fall outfit. What a clever ad!The bag itself even without such great publicity is rather clever too. The shape is super simple, but by making it in a thinner more malleable canvas material and the addition of the strings on the side that can be pulled to make another shape, it becomes a light, convenient (imagine all the things you can fit in there), versatile yet stylish bag. It's a wonder they didn't come up with that earlier! (or have they and I just never noticed until now?)
It actually reminds me a little of the Goyard bag, which I've been lusting after as well, also printed and similarly shaped, made of a more thin and malleable material. I like to think that the Goyard print is a bit more subtle and not as in your face. But then the Neverfull does appear to have more design and versatility to it, with its very cute strings on the side! Oh I can't decide which one I love more!

Image Source: E Luxury and Goyard