I've read before in various magazines and websites that stress causes acne. And sure, I believe them -afterall, it's a scientific finding that doctors tell us and not something off a new beauty product advertisement. But now I really care and believe this because it just happened to me! Last Tuesday, the day of my last exams, I woke up and felt some inflammation pain on my face but didn't have time to check it out properly. But at night, I checked out my face properly and was not happy -there were five new pimiples! So many breakouts within one day has not happened to me for a few years!

Not surprisingly, I freaked out and looked for a scientific explanation. I found that The Acne Resource Center Online has an understandable summary of why stress causes ance. Basically, stress causes stress hormones, which cause more sebum secretion and thus more acne. Plus, during time of stress, we tend to get lazy about our skincare regime.

It's always nice to know the explanation behind things, but at the end of the day, it's not like we can control our brains and not be stressed just so we don't get breakouts. So my solution is: damage control! I really recommend Origins Spot Remover. It's one of the only over-the-counter acne products that has actually helped calm and minimise my pimples. (When I say it works, I mean it helps. It does not work miralces!) No, I'm not getting paid to promote it! If you have other recommendations, leave it a comment.

Now the next problem is getting rid of the horrible red marks left behind on my skin. It takes ages, and I mean ages for the marks to fade. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover any product that actually helps fade the red spots. Does anyone know a good product for this? Help!
Image Credit: www.origins.co.uk