Ever since trying on that blue/white striped empire waist cardigan with the flared sleeves at Reiss the other weekend, I've been thinking about this style of cardigans. On the one hand they look sooo great on the hanger, with the trimmed waist and flared skirts, like a pretty dress. But on the other, do they really look that flattering on person? Its a very thin line between looking casually cool and pregnant afterall.
I first looked at the selection at Vince, because I think that they have got the simple casual cool look down very well. And I REALLY like this soft gray cardigan here on the left. The balloon sleeves adds an extra feminine touch to the simple design. As for the black one on the right, I'm not too hot on it. I think the row buttons and the round neckline takes the cinch away from the empire waist.
Moving on, we have these cardigans from the queen of casual cool, Stella McCartney (left) and Edun (right). I think they have the idea right here: vnecked, one button for the empire waist with a flare.The trick to wearing these without looking pregnant is to pair it with a pretty simple low cut cami with slimming bottoms, like a pair of dark skinny jeans with pointy heels. To add an extra oomph, match it with one of those funky signature necklaces so popular this season. This will be especially complimenting with the vneck!Another similar style from Express (left). And I know that this white jacket from J Crew (right) is not exactly a cardigan, but the idea of the empire waist here is the same, although all the fluttering here IS a bit too cutesy.

But yes, definitely something to consider for your SS07 wardrobe!

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