Flicking through the new Sephora magazine (I really love that magazine) I came across the latest Dior AirFlash Spray Foundation and thought- wow how cool is that?!? It reminded me of this spray make-up collection I saw in Paris and even then I thought it was really awesome.
Excited, the other day my friend and I each gave it a try. Here's a tip: don't wear any mascara before application and pull your hair back- seriously! It got onto my hair (making it hard, hairspray style) and onto my mascara (we had to put another layer on to fix it). Anyway, to get an even spray (I was concerned about this at first) the trick was to spray in a "Z" down your face and then a "W" across. Afterwards, they used a brush to blend in the uneven bits.

The effect was impressive. It blended beautifully with the skin and created a smooth translucent layer that even the skin tone and all. The only thing we would disagree with the product description at Sephora is that it did not diminish the appearance of skin irregularities. We felt that it actually emphasized the pores on our face. Maybe we should've put on some primer beforehand.......so I'm still considering it. Thoughts?