I've always been intrigued with the Victoria Beckham for Rock and Republic jeans. So the other day at Sak's I finally tried on a pair for fun- and wow!

They looked and fit great! I happened to have picked the wider leg one (Victoria Beckham La Jeans), so it made me look taller and more slimming. The wash was also excellent, in a gorgeous even indigo shade with just a hint of those engineering effect. I must admit, I was very surprised. First because I didn't think much of Victoria Beckham as a designer (although she probably didn't design it completely on her own anyway....) and secondly because it is by Rock and Republic, and R&R never used to fit me so well, particularly around the butt. But alas, they are priced close to $300 and I'm not sure I'm prepared to pay that much for them. Especially when I haven't decided if those gold crowns are tacky or cool . . . . . though i guess they are better than these skulls. At first glance, I really liked the intricate emblemic design. But once I realized there was a skull...well, lets just say they are not to my taste.
I much prefer their classic logo. Simple, sleek yet cool. Although by now, I must admit, it has become a bit boring seeing it on everywhere.

The gold stitching is a good twist to make it more interesting. Although again, it can potentially border on too much.

Thoughts on these pockets?