As the fashion-addicts know, most of the SS07 ads have been released in the past month, which of course caused a lot of excitement among us. One of my favourite ads this season is the Marc by Marc Jacobs ad. True, it looks pretty much like the ones from the past few seasons -afterall, they were shot by Juergen Teller. But I love how the ad really gives off that young and hip vibe. It just feels so Marc by Marc Jacobs. I just really like the clothes and the styling of this shoot! Iekeliene Stange looks so cool in this shot -she (and the clothes) look girly-pretty in the non-cutsy, slightly edgy way.

Another cool, or perhaps slightly odd thing about this ad is that the brand name isn't completely printed on. While I'm sure any normal person knows the ad is by Marc by Marc Jacobs, it's just not normal advertising to not print the full designer name. Anyways, I'm loving the other features of the ad too-the colours are so vibrant and the poses are so fun! Plus, I love the style of the photographs. Pretty cool huh?

Oh btw, NY fashion week has started already. For a fun insider read, check out Derek Blasberg's Fashion Week blog @ Jane.