This month has been an influx of romantic comedies- my favourite kind. Simple, light and funny, they just makes me feel so happy after watching them! Who needs complex, thought provoking plots when reality is already complicated enough? This month, the especially worth seeing ones are Because I Said So and Music & Lyrics.

Because I Said So
Featuring Daphne Wilder, the mother of three girls, it talks about how she goes about finding the perfect guy for her youngest daughter Milly- without her knowing! Nothing turns out as planned however, but after much drama, everyone of course ends up with a happy ending. It is hilarious, sweet and touching- especially the mother and daughter relationship between Daphne and Milly. Doesn't Mandy Moore's hair look fabulous here?
Not only is Diane Keaton an amazing actress, but she's also very stylish too- especially for a 60 year old. Throughout the movie, I couldn't help but admire her ladylike, cinched at the waist, perfectly matched outfits and fabulous heels. She even carried off the polka dots dresses (she was obsessed with them- even her wedding dress was polka dots!) with class and style.
Lauren Graham played one of the daughters, Maggie, who is a psychiatrist. But after so many years, its just hard to see her as anythign else but Lorelei!
I also loved how each girl's personality is so perfectly reflected by their outfits. Daphne is classy and ladylike, Milly is fun and quirky, Maggie is professional and ladylike and Mae is pretty and flirty (from left to right).

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics was also an awesome movie. Sweet, romantic and absolutely hilarious, it was perfect for its Valentine's Day premier. Alex Fletcher, a 80's has been pop singer, needs to make his come back by writing a hit song for Cora Corman, the reigning diva of the music industry. He enlists the aid of his plant water-er, Sophie Fisher to help him write the lyrics for his music.

Along the way, they (of course) fall in love. But because of Alex's unwillingness to stand up against the popular opinion, they fight and fall apart. In the end, Alex realizes that he cannot live without her and does a big thing to win her back in the last scene (in which she was wearing this black silk top that was really really pretty!).

It was wonderfully sweet and Hugh Grant was just hilarious- especially with the hip popping! And who knew he had such a decent voice? Although I thought Cora was really strange, with the whole sexual/religion theme going on and everything. Her make-up in the performance was also unusually natural. I also absolutely LOVED the songs in this movie. They were all very catchy and fun. Definitely check out their soundtrack!

So if you haven't already done so, you must all go see these two movies this weekend!