I am so tired of reading people’s comments in forums and articles about how they hate Mary Kate’s recent outfits. For those of you who don’t keep up-to-date with MK, here is a typical recent outfit of hers: long shirts/ short dresses with leggings and Balenciaga ankle boots.

Yes, she has been wearing shirts and sweaters that very just cover her butt. But guess what? She pulls it off. And before anyone starts complaining how short those tops are, may I point out that no paparazzi photographer has yet to snap a shot of her flashing any underwear or private parts. And we all know the paparazzi are very efficient in shooting such shocking shots.

Mary Kate’s Balenciaga ankle boots (which are rumoured to be around 8 inches tall,) are possibly this season’s more controversial fashion choice. Gossip-mongers in majority seem to hate the boots. Personally I love them. I loved the Balenciaga FW06 show and I loved those boots, although I can understand that those boots are not for the fashion-faint-hearted. MK’s style is often controversial, but very stylish: stylish as in creative and personal, but not preppy or the American immaculate-looking type of stylish.

So yes, feel free to criticise MK's fashion choices. Just remember that at least she stays true to her own style.