So today I watched the much raved about Dream Girls. Although frankly, I'd wanted to watch Happily n'ever After or the Holidays (still haven't watched that yet) but somehow we managed to miss them both.
Well anyway, Dream Girls was about three girls who have sang together since they were 12 trying to make it in the industry. In comes an ambitious manager Curtis (Jamie Foxx) and after much hardship they shoot off into stardom. On the way they lost themselves in their stardom and friendships started to fall apart blah blah blah. . . this is basically the gist of it, but you can read more about it in the synopsis.
Overall I thought they looked really cute, young and back in the days at the beginning when they were starting out. Their wigs are so quaint and their dances were really so upbeat and fun.Its amazing how make-up, hair and clothes can change people. As the movie proceeded one can actually tell how they've matured from the young hopeful dreamettes to the dream girls.
Throughout the play Beyonce was just amazingly gorgeous. Well except that scene when she was leaving and she had on no make-up, but thats all part of the character right?I thought her outfit when she went from her mansion to see Curtis at the office was especially striking. She looked so put together and stylish.
Jennifer Hudson also had a really great voice and sang with a lot of feeling. Unfortunately, sometimes I felt that she dragged it out a bit too long and wasn't upbeat enough. Like in the scene above when she insisted that she was staying, I kept on thinking the song was ending whenever she took a breath, but it just went on and on and on. . . .
Eddie Murphy was also in it playing the guy who indirectly gave them their big break and went on as one of the love interest of one of the girls and was one of the stars under Curtis's payroll at the end. I thought he was quite amusing and I felt really sorry for him in the end.

Overall, Dream Girls was not a bad movie, although for a musical movie, I didn't think it compared to movies like Chicago, because usually after such a show I'd be motivated to go home and listen to their soundtrack over and over again and relive the musical. But this time around, I feel no desire to do so and honestly, cannot remember any of the songs. Also, I wished it had more of a happy ending.