It's awards season! Time for all the celebs to clean up and practice their poses. This year's Golden Globes was a relative fashion success. There were gorgeous dresses everywhere, and not too many ugly ones, (see tomorrow for the ugly ones). Since there are just waaay too many celebs and dresses, I'm just going to talk about the ones I really loved and the celebs who I bother noticing.

Reese Witherspoon -Wow. I'm personally a black and white person, but I absolutely LOVE this canary yellow Nina Ricci dress on Reese. Amazing. And those shoes! The dress and shoes are so bright without the tackiness, and fresh. The only weird thing is that Reese seems to have lost a bit too much weight -her face is looking oddly thin.

Ellen Pompeo -I think this is one of the best red carpet looks I've seen on Ellen so far. She looked gorgeous. I love that if you look at the front of her Versace dress, it looks like a simple, elegant dress, and at the side, it's this season's fashion-foward futuristic-themed design.

Ali Larter (left) and Hayden Panettiere (right) -Both Heroes stars wore white gowns. Ali simply looked stunning and Hayden looked so sweet. It's not very often new-comers get their red-carpet outfits right the first-time round.

Sandra Oh -Her fashion choices are usually a bit iffy, but this dress was great -it's simple, sleek and trendy. Plus, her eye-makeup matches perfectly.
Kate Walsh -Not the most exciting or fashion-foward dress, but still really pretty and classic.

Eva Longoria -As usual. I mean, when is she ever not on the 'pretties' lists? And look at those lashes -L'oreal must be so proud.

Evangeline Lilly - Gorgeous as usual. This dress is really pretty too. Looks a bit like a piece of modern art made of light chiffon.

America Ferrera -Great dress on her. To be honest, I was a bit surprised she won Best Actress (Drama). It's not that she's not a good actress, but we've only seen 12 episodes of Ugly Betty and they weren't particularly dramatic.

Drew Barrymore -The light pink gown by Galliano is so soft and pretty. It's not the most stunning dress there, but it suits Drew very much.

Sienna Miller -Highly controversial. Personally, I think that dress really suits her and she looks really pretty. It might have looked better if she she had her hair down in loose waves, but her hairstyle suited her dress.

My favourite accessories:

1. Those diamond earrings look so ordinary, but they complimented Ellen Pompeo's dress and whole look so perfectly. 2. Sienna Miller's clutch. 3. Reese Witherspoon's red shoes -seriously gorgeous.

And finally, just because Hugh Laurie is so brilliant at being House.