So many people have also been asking about what they should wear to parties -not casual house parties, but the more formal cocktails and parties.

Checks and metalics are huge trends this year. Both dresses from Top Shop -I've tried the purple version of these dresses on, and it's such a fun dress.

Very 'american'-feel dresses, left one by BCBG and right one by ABS. The dress on the left feels a bit too prom-ish, but is undeniabely pretty.

Diane von Furstenburg of course makes loads of fabulous dresses. Wrap-dresses are very flattering, versatile, and not to mention very useful in the future too. For those who want to look more sexy, DvF also makes non-wrap-dresses like the strapless one on the right.

Cocktail dresses from Urban Outfitters. It's so hard to find dresses like these -cute, trendy, affordable and don't look cheap!

LOVE these dresses. Soooo pretty! Dresses by Miu Miu (left) and Derek Lam (right). With dresses as short as the Miu Miu one, wear tights underneath to keep warm and look lady-like.

Dresses by Top Shop. Don't be afraid to wear mini (although not too mini) dresses to parties (but not the most formal parties). Again, wearing tights is a good idea, and please, do wear underwear!

These two dresses are acceptable for quite formal parties and look fun! Who wants to look stuffy at a Christmas /New Year party? I love the satin and silk material because it makes the dress look so much classier and gorgeous. Dresses by Marc by Marc Jacobs (left) and Ya-Ya (right).

I hope this gives everyone some ideas of what to wear. I can't tell you exactly what to wear, but this should hopefuly inspire you! Put a shawl (may be or may not be fur) on, then you're set for a fun and gorgeous night!