In celebration of the end of finals, I treated myself to a gorgeous pair of earrings from Cécile & Jeanne, which I discovered at Bon Marche.

Based in Paris, Cécile & Jeanne has been around for over 15 years. I love this brand so much because it's subtle designs that combines elements of the past and future are elegant yet just a little bit funky! (This it their signature dove).

So I was debating between these square chained earrings or these 1001 Nights Long Drop Earrings. Both looked nice, but while the circular ones were more classically elegant, the square ones were more youthful and funky. Torn between the two, I finally decided to be youthful and funky and got the square ones (left). But now I'm wavering and want to be classically elegant instead. Thoughts?

From the same collection as the circular long drop earrings, they have these cool yet elegant rings and cuffs. I really want that ring. I think it'll be the perfect compliment to any outfit.

I just ADORE these two Downtown earrings and cross bracelet. The design is simple yet chic.

Another very elegant collection they have is the Voie Lactee collection. It looks modern and feminine.

These two earrings from Josephine collection is just the thing to add funk and edge to any outfit.

Personally I’m too lazy to match my accessories with my outfit (and hence my love for classic silver/gold styles), but for those who DO make the effort, these Arabesque earrings (left) and L’Opera chandeliers (right) would be fantastic.

And even though these Riviere necklace and Kyoto ring may look over the top right now, I think they will be the perfect thing to amp up any simple outfit and make it interesting, because they are feminine yet unique. Plus, my favourite color is purple, so I think these are awesome ;)