Its been like almost a week late, but I've been SO busy packing to fly back home and packing again to fly tonight tonight (god my skin is so dry) that I haven't had the time to watch and review it until now.So here I go, so don't scroll down if you don't want to know. Frankly, I thought that as this show progesses, its getting m0re boring and redudant. The reason why I keep watching it is because I am always impressed by how creative their challenges, prizes and shoots are. Plus, they give you good tips for posing in front of your own camera ;) So the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 is. . . .Caridee! Frankly, I feel apathetic towards the results, because I wasn't vouching for anyone in particular. I didn't think any of the girls were particularly good or deserving to begin with. They all had their ups and down. Caridee's last performance on the runway was awful, from her walk to her scream- it was painful to watch. And the one thing that irritated me the most was the bull shooting episode where she insulted Nigel. First of all it was an unclassy thing to say to begin with. Secondly, her apology letter was lame and unnecessary. And lastly, stop tapping your legs!! She really was all over the place!
Despite all that though, her shoots were indeed effortless and has been consistently good. I thought this was pretty cool.
Second runner up Melrose was quite the bitch. But you got to admire her drive. She got the most go-see's done, her runway walk and scream was amazingly elegant and pretty, she got everything down to an art. Unfortunately for her there really is something such as trying too hard. It made her shoots unnatural and breaks down really easily.
I thought this was one of her better shots.
Then there was Eugena. I didn't like her at first, because I kind of related her to Monique that immature girl who rubbed her panties on people's bed, but she started to grow on me towards the end. That piece she said about the contest being a journey for progress was very insightful. And her commercial was pretty good once she got out of her shell.
This shoot here was amazing. Too bad she didn't get out of her shell earlier. Ithink she just needed more time to improve. And just because she's quiet and doesn't proclaim she wants to be the Next Top Model every other minute doesn't mean she doesn't want it!

I am always impressed with the make-up and hair whenever I see the twins, because they looked so plain and awkward in person- even after the make over. Was amazed at how long Jaeda managed to last in the competition. Felt sorry for Brooke, I thought she looked good as a brunette. And was very surprised that AJ got kicked out so early. I thought she was really good. Oh and I thought they put the models in unneccesary risks too. I mean, if they were going to super impose the bull into the picture closer to her, than is it really neccessary to have them pose with a bull in the arena to begin with? And what is with them shooting in the freezing pool? I am sure heated pools are easy to come by. Its not like the scenery beside the pool was needed anyway. The shooting in the flying room was ugly too, I'm sure they could've just wired them. The photos turned out real ugly with distorted faces and all.
Overall this season was average.