Oops, I was supposed to blog about the Viktor & Rolf collection for H&M the first day it hit stores, but I thought it was for tomorrow! Never mind, I was way too busy today anyways. On a positive note, I finally got around to watch Marie Antoinette and I LOVED it!

I didn't have much expectation when I went, especially for the plot. But this is possibly one of the only film I've watched that didn't have much of a storyline, but I didn't fall asleep in. Why? Because I had to keep watch of the luxuries around: the Versailles, the hair & makeup, the people, the scenaries and of course, the neverending supply of gorgeous gowns.

While it seems like Kirsten Dunst just had to act like a cheerful, ditzy Queen, there was actaully a whole lot more to it. Her fustration with her annoying husband, the pressure from everyone to conceive a boy, the need to get along with the French court, and lastly, the calmness when she faced the angry French people -Kirsten Dunst acted all these out marvelously.

In the film, Marie Antoinette had an affair with the Swedish diplomat, who was so much cuter than her husband. (He was so cute he ended up being one of the few things my friend remembered from the film!)

Kirsten Dunst looked SO much more fabulous on screen.

I felt drunk after watching the film -from all the colours and beautiful scenes. Everything looked prettier on the walk home!

For those who love the art of this film as much as I did, go to the official Marie Antoinette website to download the desktop wallpapers. They'll make your laptop look just as pretty as the film!

Everyone should have watched the film by now, what did you guys think of it?