Since there has been an overload of "Paris Diaries" lately, I figured I'd make this one more focused. So this week, I am going to concentrate on the shopping in Paris. Personally, I like my shopping focused so I can compare easier and know that everything is from a reliable source, hence I like department stores.

And what does one think of when one thinks of department store and Paris? The Galleria Lafayette of course! According to my guide, it was the second department store in the world (since Marshall Fields claimed to be first, but I'm not too sure about that). Anyway, the point is, that it is so famous that it is practically a tourist attraction in itself. Although I don't think the clothes in there are that great. They're ok, but nothing worth braving the crowd for. And when did Hello Kitty become a fashion brand???

I prefer Printemps next door more. Their contemporary designer section is better. And it is less crowded.

But my favourite department store of all is Bon Marche. It is like the Barneys of New York. The atmosphere there is more upper-scale, elegant, relaxed and well. . Parisian!
Plus, they have the most fabulous shoe collection. I absolutely adore everything! I am considering getting this pair of grey ankle boots (circled on the left). It has a bit of a platform, has a perfectly rounded pointy toe and I love the fold. Thoughts?

Steet shopping wise, I haven't done much of it, but one of my favourite streets is Rue de Juillet where Colette (a super trendy store that sells make-up, cd's, clothes, shoes, phones and has a cool "water bar" that has a gazillion different types of water from around the world in adorable bottles), Sandro and a few other French fashion brands are. Right next to the Tuileries metro stop, it is super convenient and is also near a street full of restuarant/bars and boasts a delicious rotisserie chicken place called, "La Poularde Saint-Honore," which I adore. Other great areas to walk around for fashion is Saint Germain des-Pres and Saint Sulpice.

So these are basically all the areas I've hit so far. Any other suggestions?