Last Saturday, my friend and I watched Chicago (the musical). Yes, it's the one Ashlee Simpson was performing in. And no, we didn't watch it only because Ashlee was in it, although it did make us want to watch it this month instead of later. Anyways, back to what I want to say. I've noticed that some fashionable women in the audience were wearing wrap dresses with leggings. I've also noticed a lot of people wearing this trend on Oxford Street walking about and shopping.

Admittedly, this trend is not exactly new -people have been wearing this trend since summer. The image that really stayed with me is this lady wearing a black, white & purple Pucci wrap-dress with ankle-leggings. It was so 'in' without being fashion faux sort of 'in'. Also, it was girly without being flowery. And this is a seriously versatile outfit -from the theatres to attending parties, to shopping and dining in both cheap and expensive shops and restaurants.

The good news is, we can still wear this outfit in winter -all we have to do is, duh, subsititute the ankle-leggings with stockings (as seen in the Emilio Pucci runway picture above.) Personally, I can't contemplate wearing an outfit like that to go shopping, but I would definitely wear it for a nice dinner out or even a Christmas event (is it too soon to be thinking of Christmas activities already? Doesn't matter.)