Mostly I thought this collection was refreshing, very different from the very detailed Chanel of the past seasons, with the splashes of color and crazy biker shorts. This collection was simple, elegant and of course- very Chanel as always. It never ceases to amaze me the number of ways Karl can shape the classic Chanel look into something new.

Simple chic Chanel outfits accessorized with gold chained jewelry, that perfectly compliments the black and white.

Love the suit jackets and the flowing dress shirts. The chiffon bow softens the rest of the structured look. Personally I think the outfit on the far right is a very lovely and ladylike bathing suit. But it could also be a pretty ladylike shirt paired with weird skanky shorts that resembles diapers. . . I guess this is open for interpretation.Then there were these chic evening wear. The silver dress is very reminiscence of Mischa Barton at the Marc Jacobs show, but still, very cool. And the black and gold dress is very regal and chic- I love it!

There were also a few pieces that I am not entirely crazy about. Like this pink covering the head thing. I sincerely hope people won't be wearing that on the streets any time soon. There were also a lot of LBD's, although the frills and bows were a little too much for my taste.

Admittedly this collection was not exactly very exciting, but compared to their last collection I would say that it is definitely an improvement. For one thing, no one looked like they were wearing a bag (well, maybe only one did). The collection was very Chloe as we were used to. Boxy structured silhouettes, clever layering and beautiful chiffony flowing creations- enough to satisfy the appetite of any Chloe girl.
Chloe for the streets.

Chloe for work.
Gorgeous chiffon creations. I adore the outfit on the far left- its sooo cute!

The smashing gold embroidered shift styled dress and royal blue silk dress is very reminiscent of outfits we've seen before, but still, very pretty, although the frills on the blue silk look a bit too much, like a bib, too cutesy. And I absolutely LOVE the flowing dress on the far right.

Then there were a few that I just didn't know what they were thinking. The first one is mismatched. The middle one is absurd. And the last one looks like she's wearing a bag made out of origami paper.