This post was supposed to come out on the 19th, the day before the world release of Marie Antoinette, but obviously BG's birthday post comes first. Speaking of Marie Antoinette, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I LOVE the movie poster and the movie promo pictures -so grand and pretty!

So, usually when celebrities suddenly appear on multi-magazine covers to promote their new CDs/movies, I get really bored and temporarily hate that celebrity, but for some odd reason, I haven't gotten sick of Kirsten Dunst's covers. Actually I've gotten addicted to seeing Kirsten editorials. All her editorials are just so well done -some are artistic; some are down-to-earth; some are edgy. Basically, no matter which style, she pulls it off, and none of them are boring.

US Vogue Sept 06 -Titled Teen Queen. As we all know, the Sept issue is THE most important issue each year for Vogue. I like this cover more than Sarah Jessica Parker's cover last year, but nothing beats the 9-model cover from a few years ago. Kirsten mainly wears loads of huge, gorgeous evening gowns in this shoot.

Nylon Oct 06 -Young, stylish, mischief, hip.

Times weekly magazine Oct 06 -A typical movie-promoting feature.

Another Magazine AW06 -V dark and edgy. Great for looking at, but not very style-inspiring.

UK InStyle Nov 06 -Typical InStyle cover and editorial, ie. nothing special.

Tatler Nov 06 -There is only one huge photo from Marie Antoinette and an interview inside the magazine. The cover picture is the only new picture of Kirsten -talk about annoying! I hate when magazines put someone famous on the cover and don't bother doing a proper photo editorial.

Teen Vogue Nov 06 -Typical Teen Vogue style -youthful, happy and very inspiring style-wise. I love Kirsten and the clothes in this shoot. But then again, I like most Teen Vogue editorials because the clothes are so my-age and loveable.

Anyhow, I MUST watch Marie Antoinette soon!