Remember back in the days when the trendy people of LA worshiped Juicy Couture and wore its tracksuits everday everywhere? Think hard -surprisingly, this was only about 5 years ago. Fast foward to today, if you visit many big department stores, you'll notice that Juicy has its own big corners, and they don't only sell those terrible tracksuits anymore. Juicy is defintely one of the fastest growing fashion brands I could think of in the past ten years.
Here are some pretty Juicy stuff from this season:

This white tank is simple in a not too simple way. I love it's versatility. Just think, you can wear it day and night to many different activities.

Juicy has always had knit sweaters like this one, but I'm glad to see that the designers finally got rid of Juicy's signature dog and replaced it with an elegant-looking 'J'.
While I personally wouldn't wear this, it does look pretty. Looking at all the frills and the second silk layer at the bottom of the dress, it's nice to see the Juicy designers are actually putting some thoughts into the designers. (Remember how Juicy clothes used to all look the same?)
Fantastic casual clutch. This would totally be great to carry to dinner and would be perfect with blue denim.
The Sophie Studded leather Tote is actually what inspired me to write this blog. I really like how it's feels a bit edgy and very practical. And even though it is no where near the standard of Balenciaga's Motorcycle bag, I still like it... although maybe I would get rid of the charms (the key).
And this season, Juicy has a new high-end line called Couture Couture. I admit I was very skeptical about it at first, but after browsing through some of its clothes, I was quite impressed. While some of the designs are still 'inspired' by other high-end designers, the clothes are still really nice. Two fabulous examples are the cashmere cardigan and pleated tank in the photo above. Unfortunately, the prices are even more impressive.