Last weekend, Barneys Girl visited London to pre-celebrate her Bday. We went for a big dinner with our friends and went clubbing at Leister Square. As per our usual custom, I'm dedicating a Happy Birthday post for her. Here's a list of lovelies that she wants:

Gorgeous, super versatile Stella McCartney boots.

The tres chic pair of Miu Miu boots that she blogged about two weeks ago. BG already has a matching Miu Miu bag to go with these boots -maybe she'll get these someday?

BriteSmile whitening treatment -I never knew she wanted it, but apparently she does! Do whitening treatments actually work well, and how long do they last?

Hoop earrings (her fav kind) by a brand I just discovered called Shaun Leane. BG usually sticks to the very basic hoops, but some variation is always fun.

A dinner at Ruth Chris. BG's been away from Ruth Chris for too long -she wants American steak now!

A mega gorgeous, adorable coat from Zara. This season, both of us are loving the coats from Zara. Seriously, they're so pretty and affordable. We each bought a coat from there this season already!

And finally, the Chanel 4-colour eye shadow palette that we've been drooling for since we learnt makeup. Chanel eyeshadow's quality and shimmer is absolutely unmatched. BG wishes for the purple palette *hint hint people*.

Have fun celebrating in Paris BG!