Happy Halloween people! I'm not one to dress up, but to join in the festives, I'm going to blog about the 'corpse look', which is interestingly also one of the FW06 beauty trend. What is the 'corpse look'? Basically, it's super pale skin, pale lips and light brown eye-shadow.

The 'corpse look' as seen on the FW06 runway:
Marni had the best corpse look. Tanya (first picture above) totally rocked this look.

Vera Wang had the more elegant (if that's possible) corpse look. The models have a bit of purple eye-shadow on instead of only brown. Oh, having that Eastern European/ Russian face really helps to achieve this look. But since we can't control that, you could just apply very pale powder onto your face, (but not too much or else you'll look caked!)

The corpse look is actually a variation of this season's popular brown eye-shadow look. This Bobbi Brown chocolate palette is perfect to achieve this look. Make sure whatever eye-shadow you use is matte (no shimmer.) Apply the eye-shadow on the eyelids, and a tiny bit along the lower lashes. To make your lips pale, apply a bit of foundation and nude or whitish-pink lip stick. Do not use lip gloss since well, the corpse look isn't meant to be glossy or cheerful.

This look is a very runway, couture-ish look, so what better time to play with it than Halloween? Besides, it's always nice to look elegant while endulging in childish fun.

So, what are you dressed up as today?