Talking to my friend the other day, the topic of where to buy stylish business card holders came up. I've never given this subject much thought as I've never really had much use for it myself, but apparently it is a very useful accessory in business and getting a good one is all part of the looking professional package. Anyway, the first thing that popped up in my mind were the classic leather makers: Vuitton and Goyard.

They made everything else, so I felt sure they had some. And they do. Personally out of these two, I would prefer the Goyard one because comparatively the Goyard one looks younger and fresher. Similarly Coach also makes card cases such as these both printed and in plain leather. Right now, I like the plain white one because it looks just soooo pretty. But alas, practically speaking, the black will probably win out.

As it turns out, Dior also makes card holders. I am loving the logo-ed one on the left. The huge CD on the right is a bit too much.For something simpler and less branded, Prada and Ferragamo has also made some card holders in plain leather, which are simple and chic.

For something really young and stylish, I adore this metallic credit card holder (which I'm sure also makes a great business card holder) from Marc by Marc Jacobs. The similar but leather one from Tod's is also very interesting. One of my colleagues this summer had a pretty simple and elegant card holder made of metal. Her's was from Tiffany's, like these two. The subtle prints gives the simple box something a bit more.
For something more affordable, Urban Outfitters also makes these metal card holders. The stars are a bit too much for my tastes- especially for a business card holder. But I do like the engravings on the one on the right, its very feminine.

Hope this helps you all stay stylishly professional!