This collection is very modern and well, so-so. There is a lot of nice work clothes, especially relaxed-looking ones. I particularly like the first white outfit below -the model looks so cool in the all white blazer and shorts combo. The yellow and green long coat is also really nice. The only problem of this collection is that nothing particularly stands out and is ground-breaking.
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This collection seems more subdued than the ones from a few seasons back. For one thing, the colours are less crazy, and one could imagine wearing the clothes much easier. There were loads of leopard printed dresses, but my favourite is the yellow and white printed dress (the 4th outfit below.) The print is pretty and bold without being over the top.

This collection is just soo pretty! What makes me like it even more is that it's not sugarly pretty -it's got a slight dark edge to it. (Most probably because of the emphasis on dark eyeliner.)
The first two outfits really caught my eye. Most designers don't start shows with such strong looks. The balance between lace and solids is fantastic.

The designer didn't just stick to the doll look. Different types of dresses were shown.
Since this is a SS collection, lighter outfits were featured. The dress on the right somehow reminds me a bit of Marni dresses a few seasons back. But Erdem added his own elements. I really like the prints and vertical lines at the bottom part.
I love the pattern on the dress on the left. It's so neautral and edgy at the same time. And the dress on the right ends the show with another sigh of prettiness. (although I would have prefered it to be less lacy.)