Tadaa...... We proudly present you our SS06 layout!

It took a LOT of thinking to get to this simple design, mainly because we were thinking of all these waay too complicated designs that were beyond our technical capabilities before this one. Now you're thinking, seriously, what thoughts could have gone into this? Well, basically we chose what we thought were the best runway photos that represent what SS06 is all about: From the white, the dresses, the brands, the layering, the platforms, right down to Gemma Ward's beautiful face (which is apparently what we all aspire to look like this season) and Prada's bright-coloured lips. And of course let's not forget the fabulous cities that we live in and have grown to love: Love Hong Kong for being tax free and big with discount cards and international brands; downtown Chicago for being just the escape one needs from Hyde Park ; and London for being the best inspiration for street fashion.

Once again, we thank T, our technical guru from Queen's U, Canada, who was dragged along to help us perfect the photoshop technicalities and html bits. We love you (and msn)!

The fashion photos were taken from vogue.co.uk, and the destination photos were found in various sites. I don't think I have to clarify this, but for those who don't obsessively stare at fashion photos in their free time, right to left: Chloe, Balenciaga, Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior and Burberry (at the top.)

Let us know if there is any problem with the new layout on your screens. And any compliments are welcomed of course *hint hint*. We hope this puts you all into the SS06 frame of mind and stay tune for more SS06 style notes!