I absolutely adore Paris Fashion Week (hence all the capitals), you can always rely upon them to put up a fabulous show! I daresay, they leave the best for last. And I know. Its late again. But I simply had to wait for my all time favourite brand-Chloe to come out first.

And boy was I disappointed. I get that loose, flirty and fun is cool. But THIS is just taking it waaaaaay too far. I fail to see the aesthetics in this. Its as if now that Phoebe's gone, the rest of the team has taken all that she's done and blown it completely way out of proportion.

But here were the few that I thought was salvageable, they're much more flatteringly proportioned. The one thing I DO like though are the vertically striped stockings. Must look into those.. .

Christian Lacroix
I found that I really liked Lacroix's collection this season. Because besides his usual vibrant luxe, the collection was cool, flirty, cute and very different from his haute couture collection.

The shorter skirts and flirty flow of it definitely adds a casual chic-ness to his collection.

More of Lacroix's customary prints. I love that rustic looking coat.

Flirty, fun, and pretty.

As usual, Chanel was gorgeous. Well. . maybe not as usual since I remember being shocked by their last biker shorts collection. . Anyhow, back to the current season. Along with the Chanel elegance Karl brought us the twist of youth.

The classics were cut short with little pom poms and bows everywhere.

Everything was just so darn CUTE! Its amazing how untrashy the models look in those knee high patent boots.

And of course there were still some more sedate pieces. Like this classic LBD brought to life by the gemmed belt, which was very prominent on this runway.

Sophisticated but definitely not old. Especially not with the black bows on all the model's hair.

The huge bag all the models were carrying is gorgeous. I can totally see all the lady's walking down Fifth Avenue with it. And seeing all their loose, messy, delibrately frizzy hair on the runway is comforting. It makes me think that I have a chance at perfecting this runway look next season.

Alexander McQueen
I'm utterly BLOWN AWAY by this collection. It was artistic. It was wearable. It was flattering. It was beautiful. It was everything that fashion should be. Alexander-we bow down to your genius. The collection very aptly displayed Mcqueen's skill and talent as a designer. He is definitely worth his exorbitant price. I highly recommend you all to check out the rest of his
collection. Here are a few that I loved most (and it was tough!):

The career women are all set with this love dress with the clever neckline and this very slimmingly cut suit. Well minus the ridiculous headgear the model on the right.

Pieces for casual chic. I probably wouldn't go for the whole outfit on the left, but all the individual pieces, like that jacket, are just incredible. I wasn't too sure about the shift dress thing before, but after looking at THIS get up, I do believe I'm a convert. (at least, thats what I think is a shift dress)

The epitome of sophisticated elegance-especially with the perfectly cut black dress.

Love the white dress. It just looks so. . ethereal. One would think after seeing so much plaid on the runway this season one would be bored. But no. Never with McQueen's plaid.

Genius. Not only do they show the excellent craftmanship, the artistic design of McQueen, but its wearable and flattering too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two dresses.

As if that is not enough to blow us away, in the show, there was even a state of the art hologram of Kate Moss wearing one of the dresses by Baillie Walsh. And here I thought it was just a very blurrily taken picture. Apparently hologram DOES exist outside the cinema. Now I am completely blown over.