What Fashion means to me. . .

Abstractly speaking, fashion is society's constantly changing aesthetics as deemed by fashion mavens and the media. Its interesting how one minute, they look so old fashion that we would never be caught dead in skinny jeans and the next minute, they are so slimming and fabulous that we can't go without it. The power and influence of fashion and the media is truly amazing. And of course, for some, fashion is an art. A medium to express and demonstrate skill and finesse. This is especially true for Mr. Galliano.

But more simply, fashion is something I enjoy observing and being part of.

Why is Fashion important?

The first reason that comes to mind is that it is something that makes me happy that I turn to when life gets too complicated and Plato gets boring (which is about all the time). Plus, looking aesthetically pleasing gives one an incredible boost of confidence. Most of all, fashion is a way of life. As Harrods Girl said, the Prada and Chloe way of life definitely gives one something to work for-especially when you are wondering why you are spending hours and hours of your life doing economics homework that is clearly impossible to do.
And of course, there is all the other social and economic reasons as well. But that is a story for class.

The bottom line:

Just enjoy fashion for the sake of fashion.

Ps. Just wanted to thanks the darlings at Fashion Tribe and Julie at Almost Girl for hosting such an awesome carnivale.