The spring collections are in their full form. Out shopping this weekend, I was in awe of all the delicious offerings of this spring, trying to take it all in at once.

In particular, I was very inspired by the dresses at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Especially the printed silk ones, like this one shown above. It is just sooo beautiful, with the shiny slinky material and the vibrant bold prints!

Kay Unger New York also has a rather stunning dress, which is just as shiny and colorful, with a more fitted design.

This floral printed dress from Celine is all you need for a hot summer day.

The colors are not just limited to the blue/green palette either. This red printed paisley (i think?) silk dress from Shoshanna does the trick just as well!

Other similar dresses can be found at Anthropologie, like this one here, designed by Anna Sui. Yet another designer design at an affordable price-well relatively anyway. But I definitely love this dress more than any offered at Target by Luella.

This blue dress from Top Shop is not made of silk, but it looks very vibrant and shiny-in a crinkly way.

And lastly there is this silk floral dress from Free People. But please-not with those boots.