So tonight we will finally find out which one of these four designers actually made it to the final 3! Although unfortunately for me, with the lack of cable, it will take me even longer. And to think that this show must've been filmed AGES ago considering that in the show Heidi was still pregnant and she gave birth in September 2005. But anyway, lets take a look at the runway shows and ponder the results.

Kara Janx
Personally I thought she should've been off before Nick was. She was just lucky that she got to give Santino a makeover, which didn't require too much skill at all-any improvement is an improvment. For the show, I like the fact that vibrants color were used.

Especially these two which caught my eye. But then its because the two looks very similar.

Overall, the collection is not very flattering and doesn't inspire me to run to a shop and buy it. She will probably be out first.

Santino Rice
Ah. The guy we all hate and love. He has such a personality that if he makes it, he will be the type (like supermodels)that will go by his first name alone. And I must say, I'm somewhat impressed. He showed his talent, his peculiar style and he didn't overdo as he tended to do in the recent challenges.

Like this is a very good example of what I'm talking about. Creative, skilfully executed and but still not too over the top.

But the rest of the stuff is not exactly very fascinating. He's probably going to go next after Kara.

Chloe Dao
At the beginning she said we'd be seeing her in the final three, and indeed, we will be seeing her in the final three. Or so I hope. Throughout the show, she's been cool, calm and stable with the quality of her work. And her sleek, simple style really shows.

For the fashion show, along with her usual style, you can tell that she took it a step further and added a bit of creativeness to it. And the great thing is, instead of being over the top, this creativeness adds a little something special to the outfit-which we can totally picture ourselves wearing! But as much as we love Chloe, in the end she is still second to our dear dear Daniel V.

Daniel Vosovic
Oooo Daniel V if only you were straight! You are talented, loyal, young, sweet and looks SOO cute with that scruffy hair and all. . . . :) Well anyway, even though he completely butchered Chloe, judging from his runway, he definitely picked it back up. The overall style reminds me of the design he made for the picture he took of the potted plant, simple, elegant and feminine. If we didn't know better, we would've thought this was professional!

Love it. I want the white coat!
Gorgeous. Just GORGEOUS!

And he's only just graduated from college. We love u Daniel V!!!