So in a good ol' friday movie marathon yesterday, I finally got around to watching Rumor Has It. I've wanted to watch it for a while because I liked Jennifer Aniston in Friends, it looked like a chick flick and its been plastered all over the place trying to brainwash us into seeing it.

I didn't exactly read the summary before I went to see it so I didn't quite know exactly what to expect. But I must say, it was quite a strange movie. Usually one knows what the main character in the plot is thinking about, but in this case, I just wanted to shake her and ask her, "What the hell are you thinking???"

The plot was positively incestuous what with Jennifer Aniston's character sleeping with this guy (Kevin Costner) who has slept with not only her mother, but her grandmother as well!!! Kevin Costner's character, Beau Burroughs, being the infamous Benjamin Braddock from The Graduate.

Although admittedly her affianced, Mark Ruffalo, is not exactly very exciting being a not so handsome version of Benjamin Pratt with a little of Ray Romano in him. But anyone who can put up with her crazy actions is a keeper. On a side note, I love her grandmother Shirley Maclaine played. She was hilarious.

And lastly, I would just like to note how unfair the process of aging is. While this guy who could potentially be her DAD can be said to be in his prime, Jennifer Aniston just looked to be a little past hers. In some scenes in the movie, she really did looked old with very deep wrinkles on her forhead when she frowned (which was very often). Especially compared to her little sister, Mena Suvari played. Maybe I'm just so used to her as Rachael in Friends that its hard see her playing someone else.