Stockings were quite the rage on the ever-so-important Prada and 20th-anniversary Dolce & Gabbana catwalks. This is one weird trend for SS06, or for any Spring /Summer seasons for that matter. I mean, stockings are usually present in loads of FW shows, but who in real life wears stockings in hot weather?

In the Prada show, stockings start right above the knees and are worn kind of crumpled. The material is translucent and slighly shiny. The key is to match the black or grey stockings with white/ neautral-colored shifts. And of course, it is only in the world of Miuccia that it's ok to wear stockings with sandal platforms and still look so elegant.
In the Dolce & Gabbana show, stockings start mid-thighs. You can only see this in some outfits (where the shorts/ skirts are short enough to see.) I didn't actually notice this was a trend at Dolce until the new SS06 ads were released:Btw, I heard many bad comments about this ad. I admit the 'lying on top of hay' concept isn't exactly what I pictured for this sophisticated season, but have you notice that everything in the background including hay is of neautral-colored? Talk about theme!

Oops, ran off the topic a bit. The question now are stockings going to become a main stream trend? The answer is: only if it's picked up by high street stores. But from experience, many Miuccia trends are so fashion-foward that most people don't actually pick it up, (or maybe Miuccia designs are just not slutty enough for the mass.)