Its Christmas Eve, officially the start of the holidays! Harrods girl and I have already started to party it up. Being the good girls that we are, the rule is that xmas eve/day is for family and new years is for friends. So to celebrate Harrods Girl and I hosted a little xmas gathering of our own before the actual xmas eve/day. We even sent out evites completed with a theme!

We settled on this very chic evite and came up with the fabulous title of, "Because I am Worth it" ending it with, "You Know You Love Us." You recognize the "Gossip Girl" books theme we were inspired by? :D

So we all dressed up (read: no jeans) in our "evening wear" and of course, "evening bags" and gathered at the Grand Hyatt for a completely sumptuous dessert buffet. As you can see, some bags, like Harrods Girl's Paddington, can simply be used at all times. And some bags, like my gold YSL one, is limited to classy nights out like these (-there's no zipper. so if I go party with it, everything will prob fall out).

And for HK$180 (US$20) each (this is considered expensive already over here,) we were not disappointed. Everything sweet under the sun was available. For a girl with a super sweet tooth, I was in heaven. There were crepes, a table full of chinese desserts and haagan daz ice cream. HD ice cream are very expensive over here, like almost US$4 for a tiny scoop.

. . a chocolate fondue. .

. . a table full of apple desserts. .

. . and basically just everything sweet under the sun. yum. I believe the only salty things were cheese, crackers and this salmon meatloaf. But thats beside the point.

Apart from the eating and the chatting, in the spirit of xmas, we also swapped presents! And to make it interesting, we swapped it with a game of white elephant. I am still fuzzy on the details, but it was FUN. We strongly recommend you girls out there to treat yourself to something nice for xmas.

As for us, we are going to treat ourselves to a much deserved one week break from blogging (we've been blogging non stop for almost a year now!) so we can go on holiday (Harrods Girl to Taiwan and me on a much needed break), fix photos in our archives that are not working, rejuvenate and party up the holidays. We will see you all January 2nd 2006!

Merry Christmas and greet the New Year with style!