So having slept through black friday last year, I was very excited about taking part in the festivities this year. I have the image of Veronica and Betty waiting ready to break into the store and charge in my head. This year for thanksgiving break I went to San Francisco, where my hotel was at the prime shopping location a block away from Saks and Macy's and above BCBG-what more does one need?

That morning on the TV, we saw people in NY and other places rushing into stores, fighting over each other to shop, armed with plans on where to shop and all. It looked really exciting! Figuring I had a head start from everyone since we were so close, we sat down had breakfast on the day and went out at 9am. But before we even got out the door we were flooded with hotel guests RETURNING loaded with bags (mostly from Macy's) like the woman above. Except the bags are red and real people obviously do not shop with grace and poise.

So I hurried out to Macy's and was struck by the amount of people. I looked around at the things I'd previously scouted expecting to see a dramatically reduced price tag-and was stopped short. They weren't on sale! Nothing I had my eye on was on sale. What were these people BUYING? Whats the point of braving the crowd when you could've bought these on winter sale on normal days? So I, somewhat disappointedly, scouted other places and ended up with a cashmere pink Ralph Lauren sweater and Coach loafers and heels. But it wasn't anything on mega sale, just the usual winter sale prices.

The best deal I got that day was from the last place I'd imagined- Neiman Marcus! They had this addition 30% off already on sale items. And it was awesome, because they had Marc by Marc Jacobs and all these other really awesome stuff on sale! I managed to get a red velvet jacket from Cynthia Steffe and a purple shirt from Velvet. But again, this happened all weekend long-so it wasn't necessary to wake up too early on black friday to get to it- although sizes and styles DO run out.

Overall my black friday was an interesting experience. A little disappointing due to the lack of mega sales. A little confusing as to why its such a big deal. But very interesting to see so many people out on the streets determined to shop. It is a rare sight indeed.

Oh and one last question. Why is the biggest shopping day of the year called "black friday"??