So usually, Barneys Girl and I don't talk about anything that is technology-related. But really, nowadays, an iPod is not only an audio device, but also a fashion accessory!

A few years ago, when iPods first came out and became THE thing to have, we thought it was too big and bulky and stuck to our mp3s. Then the Minis came out, and Barneys Girl waited until the 6GB ones came out and bought it. After waiting so long, Apple finally put out a tiny iPod, the Nano! (We don't like the Shuffle.)

As a err, back-to-school-good-luck present, my dad bought 3 Nanos, (one for him, one for my sister and one for me.) He purchased it from the Apple online store, which is great beause it's reliable, fast and you could choose to engrave two lines at the back. Mine says my name and 'I am Fashion'! Whether you perfer white or black, both colors are brilliant because they would match all your clothes and accessories! (I got a white one.)

When I first opened the Nano box and saw the gadget, I thought, wow this is sooo pretty and err, slightly flimsy. And you can hardly blame me for feeling that -the Nano is about the same size as a few credit cards stacked together. Amazing right? Of course in anticipation of possible scratches and damages, (God forbid any imperfections on my things,) I already had a white cover ready to protect my little darling.

The Nano is light which makes it actually comfortable to carry it around. And it's tiny, so it fits into the little handbags of the famale species and the jeans' pockets of the male species. There have been reports that there are some defects in some of the Nano's screens, but so far, mine is working just fine. The only complaint I have is that it's a pain to convert the songs from the Windows Media format to the Apples format (whatever they're called.) But anyhow, I'm loving it!