So I finally got around the trying out the new Lancome mascara (well actually I tried it out as soon as it came out-it just took me this long to get around to blogging about it ;)): L'extreme. Naturally I was really excited, because Lancome is indisputably one of the best mascara makers on the market. And us girls are always on the look out for the perfect one.As the name implies, it is lengthening. This one claims to extend your lashes to up 60%! I cannot say if it really did extend up to 60%, but I can say that it was suprisingly lengthening. Personally I can never tell if a mascara is lengthening or not, but I have it on good authority (my mom) and various other sources (my friends) that this one really did work. Harrods Girl has even tried the Hypnose on one lash and the L'Extreme on the other to compare! And the beauty of this mascara is that while it is extremely lengthening it is not voluminous, making it puurfect for the natural everyday look!