The other day while shopping at Lane Crawford (the local department store equivalent to Barneys) I came across the beauty concierge promoting complimentary eye make-overs. And me being the make-up lover that I am, couldn't pass up a chance to get my eyes done to "perfection" by a professional for free now can I? So I immediately signed up and had a lovely 30 minutes discussing make-up, make-up and make-up.

The great thing about the beauty concierge make-over in a department store is that you are not limited to one brand with the cosmetics lady trying to sell you every product in their line (don't you just hate that?). At the beauty concierge, they actually know which brand is good for what and would recommend accordingly.
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And then, she showed me how to do this very simple eye make-up that works for almost all eye shapes. I'm sure its nothing new to a lot of you make-up professionals out there, but since I've never thought to do it myself I thought it was brilliant and bought more colors so I can do the look myself at home. Purple (and green) apparently are my color, and she basically just outlined the rim of my eyes with the darker color, covered the rest of the lid with a lighter shade and highlighted the arched area with this beige-ish color since she thought white was too dramatic for day time.
She then finished the look with Dior Snow mascara (which she claims to be better than the Lancome one) and curled with this Shu Uemura eye lash curler. I'd always known these were good products, but I seriously never knew that my eye lashes could be THAT long and curled. Now I'm a convert. Although I suspect that this may be due to her superior technique. I noticed how she inched the eye lash curler up bit by bit while curling it. And I remembered my friend (who has been experimenting with make-up for much longer) telling me how happy she was to have finally mastered this inching technique the other day. So i'm guessing this is one and the same.

Anyway, I LOVED the consultation. Afterwards, she gave me a diagram of all the stuff she used, and then took me around the various counters showing me the products in detail. It was like having my very own personal shopper, except for cosmetics! And she was sooo knowledgeable about the art of beauty too, showing me good exfoliators, eye creams and how I shouldn't drink water half a hour before bed cause it makes your eyes puffy. All great fun! All department stores should have this service. It really does help boost sales-because even if it does say its complimentary, one would at least buy something just for such excellent service!