The Spring/Summer 2006 fashion week has finally kicked off in New York! And I must say, so far its been very interesting and utterly refreshing. The nautical theme seens to take an even more prominent role, dark somber colors seems to have prevailed from the F/W collections to mingle with light and everything seems softer and flowier than ever.

Earthy tones like brown, green and cream adorned the Marc Jacob runway, with the occasional splash of red and remnants of f/w's black and whites. Definitely an interesting turn from the bright hues we saw this spring/summer. Collared shirt and oversized . . well everything seems to be key. Not exactly my cup of tea, but definitely interesting.
But I'm loving the evening wears. The asian model just looks so petite and cute in that outfit. And the dark blue dress because the poofy softness and the sparkles makes it look so whimsical!!!
I was suprised to see this name on the New York runway but was definitely pleasently so because this way I get to see the show earlier. And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Temperley show. Probably because it is just sooo pretty and feminine with its soft flowy pinks. .
. .adorable deep v fitted dresses. .
and gorgeous billowing black floral evening dresses. I esp love these two because it looks like they just walked out of a fairytale. And I'm a sucker for happy endings. I just LOVE this collection. Its all just so. . . elegant, pretty and english! You should just check it out yourselves here.
Another show I rather liked was the Esteban Cortazar show. It was all really flowy, soft, feminine and. . dreamy.
Ofcourse, it might also be because it bears a striking resemblance to Chloe. . esp the ones I picked here. Oo well, can't help it, I'm partial to these styles. OOo and it also helps that the designer is kind of cute ;) (if a bit short). Check him and his collection out yourselves here.
And I was also very excited about the Sass & Bide show because I remembered quite liking thier last FW collection. But I was sorely disappointed. Everything was all kind of strange. . in a punk pirate sort of way. Very nautical, but definitely not my thing. Ah well there's always next season.
Oooo this is all just soo exciting and its only the beginning!!!!