It's no secret that I am no big fan of celebrity having any direct contact with the fashion industry such as having their own fashion line or dominating fashion magazine covers. But I like to think myself as a reasonable and open-minded person, so I judge everything according to the situation.

Like you know how the new Miu Miu ads are featuring celebrities like Selma Blair? One would think I would dislike this Miu Miu campaign because of the celeb touch, but I actually think it was done well and love the artistic photographs (and the beautiful Miu Miu coat of course).

But LV and Uma Thurman? AGAIN? Yuck! My gosh, I can't believe people (esp oh-so-talented Marc Jacobs) aren't sick of seeing Uma posing with Vuitton bags. And seriously, the photographs aren't even artistically creative or visually stimulating -almost all the campaign shots so far feature Uma leaning on something (like a chair or whatever she's sitting/ lying on top of.)

Bleh! The theme is unexciting and Uma is mega-boring. First Jennifer Lopez, then Uma Thurman -how much longer are we going to suffer? It's not like Vuitton doesn't get enough press attention without celebs anyways.

Mr. Jacobs, perhaps next season you will use a real model instead of another celebrity.