And here are a few more interesting tidbits that I've gathered about the fashion designing industry this month:

  • It is NEVER just yellow. No. There are about a million shades of yellow, so much in fact that they don't even have a name, but a number instead! I'm really well acquainted with this, having spent hours trying to find a yellow that matches this piece of cloth and sorting through fabric trying to MAKE a colorbook!
  • Designers have weird habits (like eating only banana and chocolate for snacks) and are extremely moody and temperamental people and are feared by the rest of the staff.
  • Everyone in the industry are perfectionists, down to the type (wooden), direction (curved inwards) and way (facing inwards) the hanger is hung.
  • Even though designers know thier stuff and can match seemingly mismatched clothes wonderfully, they do not neccessarily represent the height of fashion and style themselves. In fact, nor do the staff of the design develpoment team.
  • Fashion stops in August when all the fashion houses and even fabric companies go on holiday for a month.
  • Everyone working in the fashion industry (who counts) has made a dress from scratch at some point in their lives.
  • French is a very useful language to know in this industry. I was so impressed when my department head and the Parisian designer started gibbering in french!!

All in all, as much as I love fashion, I don't think the fashion designing business of it is my forte afterall. And on a side note, I would like to express my new found respect for the working gals!Juggling work, fashion, family, friends, guys and beauty all at once is NOT easy. You go girls!