It seems to me that the "shopping" bag -read flat long rectangular bag-is quite the thing this season. Especially this one:

Mom was very happy when she got her hands on it at the Mag Mile Vuitton 1 hour before we boarded the plane. She had seen many local starlets using it. And she was correct. I see a lot of people in the streets using this bag.

At my mom's behest I myself got this shopping bag from YSL. I had a hard time choosing between the white one and this one. The white one is real cute, but alas like my white Le Sportsac tote it'll probably get dirty very fast. So I settled for this black classical one. I do so love it, since it matches with everything. Aren't these shopping bags mega adorable and oh-so-timeless?-well mine is anyway. Furthermore, it seems to me that it is everywhere this season. Why, I myself unwittinly blogged about one last week when I was talking about Balenciaga bags!

And the other day I saw one at Escada as well! This one is fun too! Its roll-up-able!! LOL

I really like this sort of "patched" up one from Accessorize as well. Its just so casual and vintage looking (even though its from Accessorize).

A word of warning to everyone-while these shopping bags are all that is cute and adorable, because of its flat this bag was not designed to hold a lot of stuff. So PLEASE do not overstuff these bags making them lumpy and shapeless. It is an eye sore for observers and discredits a perfectly nice bag. I witnessed this tragedy happen to that Vuitton I showed above on the streets, trust me, not a pretty sight!