As usual, there is never just one trend each season. The spring/ summer 2005 trends for dress begins with high-waisted, full-length and flowing dresses. The dresses are never plain- they are always adorned by patterns, sequins or other accessories. All of them give out the message of 'casual but luxe', 'pretty without too much effort' and 'can you feel that comfortable, soft summer breeze?' This season, my favourite collections for these type of dresses include Chloe, Marni and Missoni.

by Missoni
I love that this dress has such lively colors and untraditional flowery patterns. The decorations on the V-shape part makes the dress stand out even more.

by Missoni
Another Missoni dress with very vivid colors. The colors flows very nicely with the whole flow of the dress. Notice that both Missoni dresses are so high waisted, that they tighten right under the chest.

by Burberry Prorsum
Do I have to say more about how lovely this flowery dress is?

by Marni
This dress has a basic earth, nature-type color. The constrasting blue waist-belt makes the dress high-waisted also, and the green flower accentuates the nature feel of this look.

by Marni
The metallic dress provides a more modern approach to the basic earth/ nature look. The brown and bronze accessories are definately important to achieve this look.

by Twinkle
This type of cutting of the dress is similar to Chloe's cutting. The pattern gives the dress a slightly ethnic feel.

by Anthropologie
This is just another example of a lovely, pretty dress by Anthroplogie.

Image hosted by
Mischa Barton wearing a dress by Chloe in the FOX "White Hot Winter" Network Party. This is one of my favourite dresses this season. The dress has a new approach to a V-cut. The hole in the middle of the dress makes this casual, flowing dress sexy in a non-slutty way. The material is metallic in a comfortable blue tone to give an effortless luxe look. Mischa wearing round-toed shoes allows her whole outfit to look more youthful and less formal, as opposed to the original pointed-shoes that were designed to go with this dress in the fashion show. In the Chloe fashion show, the dress was modelled by my favourite model, Gemma Ward.